This site was created as a means for people interested in video games to come together to talk about their experiences with gaming. There are two exhibits available: an exhibit that showcases a brief history of video games and an exhibit regarding the use of history in gaming. There is also a forum for visitors to provide their personal thoughts and experiences with games.

Each section within the exhibit discusses a particular aspect of gaming along with some related examples. The idea was two-fold: provide information that may be new to some visitors, and to allow people to remember and reminisce about the period.

The forum is a place for anyone to discuss their experience with video games. It can be anything from the games they played themselves to remembering the local arcade atmosphere. The forum is moderated, which provides a method to filter out any down-talking or bullying that has plagued other forums. Hopefully this will allow any user to feel safe to share their experience.

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Feel free to explore the site and add your thoughts to the forum. Any suggestions are welcome. Use the 'Contact' form to provide any feedback you have.

Video Games History

This exhibit details the history of video games.

History within Video Games

History lends itself to a wide range of game genres. First Person Shooter games like Call of Duty and Wolfenstein...